Free Support For Small Businesses…Really…Free!

Free Support To Businesses. We're Here To Help!

Free Support For Small Businesses…Really…Free!

In this incredibly challenging time, we are hearing stories of incredible suffering and at the same time incredible triumph. The suffering can seem overwhelming, and still there are beautiful stories of ordinary people using their resources to help others. Admittedly, I can sometimes freeze as I try to process all that is happening around the world right now. At the end of every day, I keep asking myself, “what can I do?” The short answer…We’re here to help. We’re offering free support for Small Businesses. I can offer what I do have and come alongside other businesses in need.


If you are a small business and do not have the budget to hire the professionals to get your message out, please know that we’re here to help. I have had assisted clients in communicating specific transitions they’re making during this time. I’ve also been able to assist clients transition their websites to meet the new demands of this season. So here’s my question. How can I serve you? If you are in need of web support, website edits beyond the scope of your ability, graphic design, or simple printing. Do you need to update your Google Business Pages, or social media or email marketing campaigns? Are you a restaurant trying to communicate new hours for take-out or just stay in touch with your customer base? Let us help.

No contracts. No hidden agenda. I’d really like to support other local businesses. So to be clear…we are offering free support to small businesses that otherwise wouldn’t be able to accomplish these goals. We will take on as many projects as we are able to. This will be on first come, first serve basis. Click Here to share your need and let me know the scope of what you’re looking for. I will get back with you as quickly as I can. Or you can reach out to us on social media. You can find us on Facebook or LinkedIn


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